Toy Trucks, Airplanes, and Tools - 2nd Session of Bob Shaw Estate

1316 Hwy 49, Rector, AR
Sat, Apr 30, 2022 10:00 AM
Auction #2

Super fantastic estate auction of Bob Shaw. Tons of toy trucks and airplanes. Mr. Shaw's personal collection. Plus lots of tools, 2 nice sheds, and misc that we haven't gone thru yet. This is the second auction since all couldn't be sold in one day.

Go to – select items in this auction will be sold online thru Hibid webcast and as well as live.

green/yellow truck 1940s Structo pickup
1960s Structo pickup
Tonka cattle hauler
Ertl hank hardware store semi
Wyandotte trucking w/Kduck semi trailer
Spirt of the road w/Napa auto parts trailer (Richard Petty #15 trailer)
Structo 1951-53 barrel truck
1956 Structo car hauler
red truck pulling boat & trailer
Dodge charger
1961-65 Structo ford car hauler
car hauler
1963 Tonka car carrier
Texaco tanker truck
Structo car carrier, damage
1941 Marx Willy Jeep
Buddy L 1965 Ford Riding Academy truck/trailer built together
Buddy L 1961 Ford Riding Academy truck/trailer built together
1950s Structo road grader
1952-55 Smith Miller truck w/flat bed
1970 Ertl semi truck w/log trailer
1951 Structo road grader w/Fireball motor
Western Auto semi truck
1965 Ford State Hwy Dept dump truck w/street sweeper
1962 Tonka backhoe truck
General Lee car & Chevy pickup
1971 Tonka road grader
Structo push truck (dozer on wheels)
1980 Tonka road grader
Nylint 1953 Hough pay loader
1950 Doughpyke mobile crane
1950s Marx road grader
Mighty Tonka 1975 fork lift
Dodge challenger & 1963 Lincoln Continental
1951-52 Dough Pyke Euclid earth parlor
Tonka service truck
1950 Marx delivery truck
Tonka 1980 wrecker
1971 Tonka shovel truck on wheels
1964 Tonka shovel truck on tracks
Crane on wheels replica, made Czech Republic
Nylint 1951-52 Tourna rocker
1961 Tonka dragline
1953-56 Dough pike bucket loader
Nylint Oscar Myer semi truck & trailer
1964 Ford Nylint truck & mobile home
1953 Tonka steam shovel
1954 Wyandotte steam shovel
1957 Tonka State Hwy Dept road grader
Tonka road grader
1941 Wyandotte trucklines
1969-73 scraper elevant #2010
1951-56 Dough pike #2011 earth mover
1963 Tonka mobile clam
1961 Tonka dragline on tracks, extra bucket
1953-54 Tourna rocker #1300, 2nd ed
R.G.Le tourneau inc Semi truck equipment hauler ???
Nylint 1953-54 travel loader
1956 Nylint Electronic cannon truck
Tonka bull dozer, plastic
1975 Nylint Circus truck & trailer
1957 Nylint telescopic crane
1969 Tonka dragline w/extra clam bucket
1930s Hinds delivery truck in original box
1948 Hester lumber carrier
1940s Structo machinery hauler
1953-54 Wyandotte tow truck
1961 Tonka bulldozer
1970s Nylint big pumpkin wrecker
Nylint wrecker, 2nd ed
1950 Max Lazy Day Farm truck
Pettibone speed swing 1958 wheel loader
U-Haul rental trailer w/cotton bale
U-Haul trailer enclosed
U-Haul box truck w/enclosed trailer, 1965 Ford Nylint truck
1965 Nylint Ford truck w/enclosed trailer
Hubley Mack truck, car hauler
Early 19 50s Hubley gravel truck
1948 Ford Hubley wrecker
early 1950s Hubley road grader
Ertl international low star load bob truck
1949-52 Buddy L International truck w/hydraulic dump
1999 released 75th excellence Napa semi truck & trailer
Nylint 1958 missile carrier
1965 Tonka gravel truck
1959 Tonka marine service boat carrier
1963 Tonka rollback
Dough pike 1952-54 road grader
Tonka Fisherman's truck 1959 pickup
1970 Dodge Tonka truck
Structo construction co sand hopper
1964 Safari jeep Tonka
1963 Tonka army jeep
1960s international scout
Structo 1951-52 Toyland carriage tow truck
Ford tonka 1959 pickup
south central bell service truck
1961 ramp side chevy pickup
1960s ramp side Structo pickup
1960 tonka pickup
1962 Tonka Ford pickup
1958 Tonka Ford pickup
1967 Ford Buddy L truck
Pipe wagon
1961-65 Structo ford flat bed truck w/hay bales
1967 Buddy L ford truck
1959 Tonka Sportsman Ford pickup, original
Nylint toy and recovery truck Ford 1982
1964 Ford Tonka army truck
Tru Value truck
1956 Tonka suburban pumper firetruck, still in box
1958 Tonka suburban pumper firetruck
1964 Tonka mini-mixer
1965 Structo gravel truck
1956 Ford Tonka highway side dump truck
1961 sand loader
1957 Ford Tonka State Hwy Dept dump truck
1961-63 Ford Structo hydraulic dump truck
1960 Tonka gravel truck
1963 Tonka sand loader
1960s Structo gravel truck
1965 Hubley dump truck
1961 Buddy L Ford hydraulic dump truck
1965 Tonka Ford gravel truck
1970s Ertl Tran star hydraulic dump truck
1970s Ertl Tran star hydraulic dump truck
1970 dodge tonka gravel truck
1956-57 Structo gold & green flat bed truck
1970 tonka dodge gravel truck
Tonka semi truck w/flat bed truck & dozer
1961 Buddy L boat carrier, Semi truck & trailer
1953-58 dunwell semi truck & livestock trailer
1953-58 dunwell carnation truck & trailer
1956 Tonka Ford livestock truck & trailer
Tonka truck & hauler w/3 cars
1949-52 dodge Wyandotte truck & trailer
1955 Tonka grainer hauler Ford
1950s hydraulic truck & trailer, International series B
1953-58 dunwell subnose ford truck & trailer
1962 Buddy L Ford horse hauler
1956 International truck & dump trailer
1957 Tonka Ford log truck & trailer
1959-61 Nylint Ford lineman truck
1959-61 Nylint Ford hold digging truck
1961-66 Nylint hydraulic dump truck
1974 Nylint ladder firetruck
1966-68 Structo pumper firetruck
1963 Tonka fire jeep
Chief firetruck
1953-58 dunwell ford subnose ladder firetruck
1986 Nylint ladder firetruck
1966-68 Structo hook & ladder firetruck
1974 Tonka ladder firetruck
Nylint ladder firetruck
1982 Ford Nylint ladder truck
1982 Ford Nylint areal hook & ladder
Fire chief fire truck w/motorcycles
1959 Structo pumper firetruck
1974 Tonka pumper firetruck
1974 Tonka ladder firetruck
1986 Nylint pumper firetruck
1986 Nylint 9000 Ford pumper firetruck
1986 Nylint ladder firetruck
1960 Tonka Ford ladder firetruck
remote control ladder firetruck
remote control ladder firetruck
remote control ladder firetruck
Tonka ladder firetruck
1950s Marx truck
1950s early Marx semi truck & trailer
Nylint semi truck & trailer, Overnight Express
Tonka box truck
Tonka ambulance van w/patient, driver & passenger
Ertl semi truck & trailer
Nylint semi truck & trailer, Overnight Express
Mach1 Race Team semi truck & trailer
Ertl semi & tanker trailer
Bussfuse racing semi truck & trailer
Tide racing semi truck & trailer, 1994 ed in box
Ertl semi truck & trailer w/Tonka track loader
Trucking B & B semi truck & trailer
Nylint semi truck & trailer w/battery operated Tonka track loader
Tonka semi truck & car hauler 1974 w/2 cars
1961-65 Structo Ford semi & cattle hauler
Tonka flat bed truck
1961-63 Structo farm flat bed truck
Nylint farm flatbed truck chevy
Tonka trash truck 1974
Tonka red truck & trailer
Bruder red car, in box
Tonka 2-door yellow truck
Nylint semi truck & truck
Nylint truck & horse trailer
Nylint green giant truck & trailer
Nylint semi truck, log hauler
1950s Structo freight hauler
Chevy red flat bed truck, in box
Ertl 1970s Nascar truck & trailer Transstar international semi truck & trailer
1970s Ertl transtar semi truck & trailer
1970 Ertl transtar semi truck & trailer Sears
International IGA semi truck & trailer
Nylint 1965 2200 Michigan shovel, md T-24
1950s Marx highway express semi truck & trailer
1964 International Fleet Star dump truck
1956 Buddy L International flatbed truck, cattle transport
1980s Ertl GMC gravel truck & trailer
Tonka propane truck
Buddy L military pickup truck
Wyandotte 1949-52 semi truck & trailer
1959 Nylint loader on tracks
Tonka bull dozer
1948 Cari-car lumber carrier (rare)
1965 Structo sanitation dept truck
1967 Buddy L Ford sanitation truck
1953 Buddy L Bob truck
1960s Livestock truck
1970s Nylint State Hwy Dept gravel truck
Nylint dump truck
1950s Marx lumar car hauler GMC
Allied van lines, box truck Ertl
Tonka horse trailer w/horses
1968 Tonka jeep wrecker w/blade
Wyandotte wrecker
Tonka 1955 International delivery van
1950s tru scale A series International truck
1950s true scale A series International flatbed bob truck
1960s C series true scales International pickup truck
1950s B series tru scale International pickup truck
1960s true scale C series pickup truck w/service trailer
1970s Tonka truck & camper
1956-57 snow plow truck w/extra blade State Hwy Dept
1979 dragline shovel truck Tonka
Tonka scraper
Tonka dump truck 1967
1967 Tonka loader
1974 Tonka bulldozer
1970 Tonka earth mover
1965 Tonka concrete truck
1967 hopper bottom
1965 Tonka car hauler
Buddy L Mack dump truck
1965 Tonka dragline
Tonka battery operated excavator
Tonka trencher
1964 Marx power shovel
1962 Tonka spread pack
Marx lumber mobile dump
1950 Wyandotte dragline shovel
1940 Diamond T Mack rollback
Farm Bureau Coop Grain truck
Chevy flat bed Bob truck
Ford US Navy truck
US Marine Corp truck
T&C Towing & Wrecking truck
1967 Ford Buddy L Coca Cola Truck
1950s Marx Coca Cola Truck
Coca Cola delivery truck
1962 Ford C Cab Pepsi delivery truck
Coca Cola delivery semi truck & trailer
Coca Cola 1930's bottle truck
1953 Ford Buddy L truck, heavy machinery service
Tonka truck w/camper
Buddy L car hauler
1960 Street sprinkler Ford
1961-65 Structo Airlines Ford
GMC Bob truck
Pumper firetruck
Flat bed truck w/disc
State Hwy Dept truck w/snow plow
Triangle inc International semi w/flatbed trailer
large airplane
small airplane
#2 Richard Petty race car
misc tobacco cans
Pepsi thermometer
F&F Aunt Jemima & Pappy salt & pepper shakers
12 Tootsie cars, 2 Barclay lead toy ambulance,2 lead toy car,
semi truck & trailer
8600 Ford tractor
firestone semi truck & trailer
blue Tonka tractor w/backhoe attachment
Tonka track loader w/backhoe attachment
Tonka underground cable placer
Structo 1940s garbage truck international
1928 Keystone steam shovel

1953-56 Doepke barber green bucket loader
Wyandotte construction semi truck
Tonka fire ladder truck
turquoise jeep

Mormon's feed adv knife
Purina knife
Northrup king seeds knife
Davy Crockett Knife
Hop along Cassidy knife
RCM Canada knife
2 tuffnut knives
brass deer
propane heater
metal horse
curved front curio cabinet
2 show cases
brown jugs
flat of coke memorabilia
Underwood #5 Standard Typewriter
toy tractor magazines
cotton bale
matchbox race cars
Troybuilt rear tine tiller
Craftsman gas edger
Rockwell miter saw
Craftsman 10in table saw
Craftsman miter saw
Craftsman saw-all
Craftsman weed trimmers
Wizard lawn tractor 14.5hp/42in cut
GMC cut off saw
small arbor press, Poland chainsaw
Buffalo 16.5hp HD drill press floor model
BD belt sander, JD top links
14 gauge swivel head metal shears
Wilton table vise 4in
JD 5gl metal oil can, Ford 5gl can
Delphos kerosene 5gl can
IH 5 gl can, Texaco 5gl can
antique hand planter
metal & cast iron tractor seats
3 large cast iron legged kettles, pitcher pump
metal ammo boxes
5gl plastic gas jugs
hydraulic floor jack, hydraulic bottle jacks
extension ladders, jack stands
small lawn tractor airiator
metal wagon wheels
lots misc tools, shop hammers & tools
lots of tool boxes (some full)
handson scales, cotton scales w/peas
barn lantern, cross cut saw
antique dehorners, misc garden tools
extension cords, back pack sprayer
100lb butane bottle, 3t boom pole
4 Martin bird houses on post, snow sled
sledge hammer, double bit axe, post hole diggers
plus much more!
toy tractors toy airplanes sheds tools
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